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Shave Ice Shop Las Vegas shares History of Shave Ice

The Unique History of Shave Ice

Today, shaved ice is a picturesque summer treat. But where did this summer treat we love originate? It seems as though shave ice and shaved ice each have their own history and origin.

Hawaiian Shave Ice dates back to the days where sugar plantations were booming in Hawaii. These plantations needed workers and eventually thousands of Japanese immigrants came to Hawaii to work them. With them they brought this concept of a frozen delicacy that is now referred to as shave ice. And no one does shaved ice in Las Vegas better than The Frozen Frog.

This concept dates back to the Japanese Heian period from 794 to 1185 A.D. Their process, as you can imagine, was much different than how we produce shave ice today. During that time, the ice was brought from mountains in the winter and was stored in freezing cold caves. Because of the demanding process, obtaining shave ice was a luxury, a treat only the most wealthy could afford.

The modern form of shave ice that we have today is believed to have been invented in a port town of, Japan in 1869. It began to skyrocket in popularity and by the 1920’s shave ice was a typical item in stores throughout Japan. When Japanese plantation workers who migrated to Hawaii brought shave ice, they were able to have it as a refreshing break in the tropical climate. They would use their machetes to shave flakes from a large block of ice into cups and then poured fruit juices over the top.

In Hawaii today, snow cones are still called shave ice and are sold in cone-shaped paper cups. One of the most popular flavors in Hawaii is “rainbow” and is covered with three different syrups that resemble a rainbow. Another unique way Hawaiians enjoy this treat is with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or Azuki Beans that is first added to the bottom of the cup. Shave ice can now be found on all of the Hawaiian islands from coffee shops to local shops, at shave ice stands, lunch wagons, and often times at large public events. The Frozen Frog in Las Vegas has continued the summer treat’s legacy right here in Las Vegas, both with their sweet shop located at

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And their Food trucks that can be seen around town just parked on a corner serving up this traditional summer treat or at many of the local food events in town. So when you have the craving to cool down from the hot Las Vegas summers come by the store or look for The Frozen Frog Food Truck and grab yourself the Best Shave Ice in Las Vegas.