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Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice in Las Vegas

Shave ice can be found everywhere in the Hawaiian Island, but what about in Las Vegas? If you are looking for a real “cool” treat, just saunter over The Frozen Frog at 5130 S. Ft. Apache Rd. Suite 205 Las Vegas, NV 89148. We make Authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice and have lots of flavors to choose from.

An authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice starts with a block of ice that is spun across a razor-sharp blade, which shaves the ice, creating a soft snow-like texture. Then it is packed into a paper cone, and flavored syrup is poured over the ice.

In Hawaii, shave ice is thought of as a snack and a thirst quencher. Here in Las Vegas, we feel the same way. There is nothing better on a hot summer day that a large cup of authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice. No trip to Las Vegas is complete with tasting our delicious authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice.

Some people call them snow cones, but locals in Hawaii call it shave (not shaved) ice. We carry on that tradition in our shop. Unlike a snow cone, shave ice is not ground or crushed ice. The method of shaving the ice produces a very fine ice that the flavorings are readily absorbed into rather than all just running to the bottom of the cup as happens with a snow cone. That’s one of the major differences in an authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice.

The authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice at The Frozen Frog is a gourmet treat with many tropical flavor choices. Many people have a favorite flavor, but if you can’t decide on just one; go with the ever-popular rainbow Shave Ice.