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Hawaiian Shave Ice

Best Hawaiian Shave Ice Las Vegas

When the Las Vegas temperature soars to scorching, it is hard to think of the best way to cool your body down and feel refreshed. Maybe, you want to dip yourself in the pool or spend a long time soaking in the bath. However, if you are far from a pool, there are other ways on how you can cool yourself from the heat. So, the best thing you can do when summer comes is to visit The Frozen Frog. This is one of the best ways to treat yourself and relieve that oppressive heat.  The Frozen Frog has lots of flavors of Hawaiian Shave Ice to choose from, so stop by and try one or more flavors today.

Hawaiian Shave Ice is one of the most popular desserts for summer today. It consists of shave ice that results in a fine ice texture that can absorb the delicious syrup that gives the taste that Hawaiian shave ice is famous for. It offers a delicious and sweet taste that you will surely love. Shaving the ice produces a very fine ice that looks like snow. Then, your favorite flavor is added with the syrup that is absorbed by the shave ice.

Hawaiian Shave Ice cannot just be found in Hawaii where it originated from but it can also be found in Las Vegas at The Frozen Frog. Even though this Hawaiian Shave Ice originated in the plantations of Hawaii, it is now available right here in Las Vegas. Most people really enjoy Hawaiian Shave Ice and consider it as one of the frozen delicacies in Las Vegas. So, if you are looking for the best Hawaiian Shave Ice in Las Vegas, The Frozen Frog can offer you a great treat that will bring the authenticity of the history of Shave Ice from Hawaii. The Frozen Frog has the ability to produce delicious Shave ice all year long. This delicious freezing dessert is the best way to beat the hot waves of the summer or a change of pace in the winter.

The Frozen Frog has created a great selection of Hawaiian Shave ice flavors and toppings, which is gaining in popularity all over Las Vegas. Due to the many delicious flavor choices, it is quickly becoming one of the favorite treats in Las Vegas. You too will find it enjoyable and refreshing.

The Frozen Frog strives to continue the legacy of Hawaii when it comes to Shave Ice. You will be amazed with the many different flavors available and the choice of toppings. You will love exploring the different options available with The Frozen Frog for Hawaiian Shave Ice.  It will soon become your favorite dessert during the hot summer months and it will give you the assurance of satisfying your sweet tooth at the same time.

Here are several different combos of Hawaiian Shave Ice you can choose from.

  • Firebelly frog
  • Bubble frog
  • Frog in a blender
  • Pixie frog
  • Flying frog
  • Wiggle worms
  • Chubby frogs
  • Frozen frogs
  • Floating frog

These are just a few flavor combinations that The Frozen Frog can offer you. So, if you are a local resident of Las Vegas, or just traveling through, The Frozen Frog is the best place for you to cool off from the summer heat. The Frozen Frog offers the best Hawaiian Shave Ice that you will be able to enjoy in a bowl or a waffle cone. Here at The Frozen Frog, we always have new flavors that you will surely enjoy exploring.

If you are health conscious, there is no need for you to worry. You will still find it enjoyable because they offer sugar and glucose free syrups and toppings. As you eat The Frozen Frog Hawaiian Shave ice, you will feel as if you are in the paradise of Hawaii. The Frozen Frog Shave ice is popularly known due to its toppings that can create a perfect combination in your cup.

Nothing will beat the fluffy and feathery Hawaiian Shave Ice from The Frozen Frog. It will be your best way to beat the summer heat and you will not waste any more of your time looking for other cold treats. During the hotter months when the sun is beating down and leaving you completely wiped out by the end of the day, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than taking a bite of crisp and fluffy Hawaiian Shave ice. As soon as that burst of flavor hits your tongue, you will instantly feel your stress start melting away. On the other hand, even during the winter, you cannot resist eating and enjoying this frosty feast of mouthwatering Hawaiian Shave Ice. As a matter of fact, you can have The Frozen Frog’s Best Hawaiian Shave Ice all year round.

These are just a few of the many flavors and combinations available in our store or trailers. Come in and pick your favorite flavors.

Six flavors of Dole Whip available ALL year ’round.

Shave Ice with over 50 syrup choices, available ALL year ’round.

Now you can get over 50 flavors of fabulously delicious authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice…weekly fresh fruit syrups, many sugar-free.


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